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Food, drinks and travel: ESPN radio host Bo Bounds wants you to embrace the Y’all Lifestyle

[Reprinted from The Clarion-Ledger]
Nell Luter Floyd, Special to Clarion Ledger.  Published Jan Warcraft 3. 21, 2020 

Wendy and Bo Bounds established the Y’all Lifestyle brand in 2010 and opened in Ridgeland the first Y’all Lifestyle store. (Photo: Nell Luter Floyd/For Clarion Ledger)

Husband-and-wife Bo and Wendy Bounds of Madison live on a lake, follow SEC football and enjoy local food and drink and trips to the beach 제주명조 다운로드.

They exemplify the Y’all Lifestyle brand they established in 2009 to celebrate “the best of southern culture through food, drink and travel.”

Y’all Lifestyle apparel debuted in 2010 and is sold online at yalllifestyle.com and at the Y’all Lifestyle store in Ridgeland that opened last November github 파일 다운로드.

Located at 1065 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite D, in Ridgeland, the Y’all Lifestyle store sits between Newk’s Eatery and Ray’s Teen Boutique in the Township at Colony Park 볼빨간사춘기 나만 봄 다운로드.

“We wanted our first store to be in Mississippi since this is where the brand was created,” said Bo Bounds, who hosts the “The Out of Bounds with Bo Bounds” radio show on ESPN 105.9 The Zone and handles sports marketing at Out of Bounds Sports, LLC 러시아 노래 다운로드.

If you’re not quite sure what a lifestyle brand is, think experience. 

Y’all Lifestyle plays off of what people like about the Deep South — college football, live music, beautiful weather, great food, friends, family and enjoying life.

Here’s how the Bounds describe the brand on yalllifestyle.com:

 “It’s tailgating on SEC campuses in the fall, where you start the morning with a Bloody Mary and “How are y’all?” followed by the roar of a packed stadium, and then meeting up again with family and friends to celebrate the win or critique the loss — but either way, there’s never a shortage of cold beverages, good buddies or laughter close by. 

“It’s an attitude that says this is the coolest place on earth. From the Mississippi Delta juke joints to the beautiful Gulf beaches, there’s a feeling you get that only comes from being in the South.

“It’s the wonderful mix of Cajun, country and soul cuisine that we enjoy — from Charleston to New Orleans, and all the beautiful, eccentric Southern towns in between.

“The best culinary talent in the world will serve you fried green tomatoes or shrimp & grits. And no matter which Southern town you’re in, you can bet you’ll hear a “Yes ma’am”, “No ma’am” or “Bartender, another round please” while you’re there.

“At the end of the day, it’s an Adirondack chair around a fire pit and enjoying a glass of goodness with family and friends.

“It’s who we are, it’s what we are, it’s how we live. It’s the Y’all Lifestyle.”