What is The Township?

A Brief History

The Township at Colony Park began with an idea to bring the “old town” design principles of New Urbanism, so familiar to small-town Mississippi, to Ridgeland, MS. Highland Colony Parkway was the perfect location for implementing the first New Urban / Traditional Neighborhood Development in the state. The Township began in the Spring of 2001 by contracting to purchase approximately 95 acres of property in the northwestern portion of the City of Ridgeland on a tract of land with outstanding interstate and arterial roadway access. Town planners at Looney Ricks Kiss Architects and Planners helped master plan residential, commercial and retail property as a mixed-use environment that is reminiscent of historical main streets with neighboring residential areas. The goal was to create a sense of “place” and in doing so create a special place.

Planning and Development Principles

This unique development was planned using the development styles of New Urbanism and Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), which are quality life movements that promote the neighborhood as a vital component of “community”. The principles renewed through New Urbanism offer an alternative to suburban sprawl by providing residences, public spaces, shopping, offices, and recreation within walking distance of a vibrant town center. All of these are the very features that make The Township a unique experience for residents and visitors, providing a distinct sense of “place.”

The Township Design and Implementation

After a preliminary master plan was completed, Kerioth Corporation engaged Diversified Consultants, Mississippi-based civil and site engineers; Aqua Engineering, Mississippi-based hydrologic engineers; and the City of Ridgeland staff in Public Works, City Planning, Zoning, Engineering, and Traffic Engineering to ensure a development that was socially, civically, and environmentally appropriate. This included steps to ensure the preservation of Purple Creek and other environmental features, limiting the impact on existing ecosystems and wildlife. In fact, it is not unusual to see deer grazing in The Township’s designated green areas.

“Best Management Practices” were used for stormwater runoff design; therefore, two lakes were created to accommodate the stormwater needs of the site and nearly 68 acres of additional off-site waters. Hydrologic studies conducted by Bill Colson. P.E. and completed during the design phase, determined that post-construction runoff levels will actually be less than pre-construction runoff and will improve drainage conditions along Purple Creek.

In addition to sound water run-off principles, The Township has tree ordinances that will eventually provide 75% tree cover throughout the development, cooling the local climate during warm summer months. The Township also provides environmental conservation with a forestation area of dedicated wetlands. This naturally wooded wetland area lies at the western edge of the development and has been augmented with additional tree species to create an educational arboretum experience for residents and visitors alike.

The design principles of New Urbanism are further supported by covenants and design guidelines for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound development that will promote long-term stability and protect home values.

Your Life at The Township

The Township offers an abundance of entertainment, living, professional services, and shopping venues. From fine dining and condos to pet accessories and single-family homes, The Township is a one-of-a-kind experience. The unique aspects of The Township led to the development of three simple words that summarize the concept – Live. Work. Shop.


The Township is a place where you can live to the fullest. The housing opportunities at The Township include “main street” loft apartments, condominiums, townhouses, independent living, and single-family residences all within a short walk to many everyday services and most importantly the center of activity at The Township. The Township also boasts a state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center located near the town center. The facility will have numerous offerings including a spa, fitness facilities, and wellness programs. The unique partnership formed between the Club and St. Dominic Health Services offers customers a full range of wellness programs not to mention the luxuries of a resort-style spa. In addition, several places of worship, schools, a college, and community facilities are located within walking distance, placing The Township at the center of all life’s needs.

Living in The Township includes walking around our two – seven-acre lakes, strolling on sidewalks next to tree-lined streets, and relaxing in pocket parks and other green spaces scattered throughout the neighborhood, not to mention close access to the City of Ridgeland multi-use / bike path that traverses the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway.


The features that make living in The Township so wonderful also make it a great place to work and build your company. The amenities that are particularly beneficial to employees and visitors include restaurants, fitness facilities, hotels, shopping, and entertainment. The lively environment lends itself to greater productivity as patrons are able to enjoy a relaxing walk at lunch, a great cup of morning coffee, or a laid-back dinner at one of the local eateries.

In addition to the exciting atmosphere at The Township, Highland Colony Parkway in Ridgeland has become a center for Class A office space in the metropolitan area. With numerous law offices, investment companies, and accounting firms the corridor is a highly desirable location with its outstanding highway and interstate access along with the strong residential communities in close proximity.


The retail and shopping opportunities are generous at The Township. Focused on local retailers, The Township is home to a broad range of services from design and furniture showrooms to gift shops that specialize in environmentally conscious products. The main street atmosphere with convenient parking makes for a shopper-friendly environment, whether you are coming for a quick cup of coffee or browsing for hours.

The Township is located less than 1/2 mile North from additional retail at the Renaissance at Colony Park, which is home to many high-end retailers and other service businesses. Therefore, the area is not only attracting office tenants but has become a center for retail customers.